This is one of those "Family Stories" that has to be written down somewhere or it'll be lost forever. My Dad, Frank Persons, would spend his summers on Aunt Lucy Dunsmore's farm off of Washington Pike, in Corryton, Tenn. in the 1930s & 1940s. 
Dad would visit Lucy and Ralph until he graduated from Eustis High School, Florida in 1949. 
I also grew up knowing Aunt Lucy and spent several FUN summers with Aunt Lucy running in the fields and exploring the old Chamberlain-Little Family Home on House Mountain where the Family Cemetery is also located. 
was a Chris Craft Clipper that belonged to Ralph and Lucy Dunsmore during the 1940s.
They kept her on Norris Lake, Tennessee where family and friends spent weekends on her fishing and enjoying life on the water.
 Dad went to Corryton, Tennessee to spend
the summer working in Uncle Ralph's Garage on the weekdays, then enjoy boat life most weekends with Aunt Lucy and Uncle Ralph.
Dad with Pop.

Dad in 1947

In the wooden Yachting Log
that Aunt Lucy kept, 
Dad wrote on July 12, 1942-

"I'm the fisherman of the Day, almost
We ate and ate all day.
Sept. 6 +7, 1942-
"I caught a 12" Ky. bass.
This is my last trip out on the boat. 
I have had a nice time on the boat this summer. I hope next year I can come out on the boat again.
Then the unthinkable happened!
Over the 4th of July weekend,
Ralcy II
was docked at the pier to be gassed up.  
The top was down on the inboard motor and when Lucy raised the lid, the boat exploded.
Most of those on the boat were blown into the water saving them from severe burns.  
Lucy was not blown into the water and received 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 75% her body.
She wasn't expected to live; but as she improved, she was given skin grafts from her legs onto her upper torso, chest and arms. 
Several times Aunt Lucy would say that she was fortunate that her face was not burned. 

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