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The Henkel memorial : historical, genealogical, and biographical : a serial publication devoted to collecting and preserving the history of the Rev. Anthony Jacob Henkel (known in history as Rev. Gerhart Henkel), an exiled Lutheran clergyman who came from Germany to Pennsylvania in 1717, one of the founders of his church in America and father of a great and honorable posterity : also to collect and preserve the history of his worthy descendants of whatsoever name or creed

Published 1910
A. Stapleton, Elon O. Henkel, editors
Succeeded by the Henckel family records, published by the Henckel Family Association
Publisher York, Pa. : A. Stapleton
Pages 654
Language English
Call number 31833013670366
Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive
Book contributor Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Collection allen_countyamericana
Notes . This is a copy of an original.

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Williams Creek Church - 1787
Warren County, Georgia
Bounty-land grants were made to soldiers who served in Col. Elijah Clark's Regiment after the American Revolution.  These men received the land grants in Wilkes Co., which later became Warren Co., Georgia (50 miles west of Augusta, Ga.) that helped to establish Williams Creek Baptist Church.
Inside the old Williams Creek Baptist Church
which is still in use.

The building and burial ground of the original church were near the flowing stream and during heavy rains, the water of Williams Creek would overflow the banks and flood the cemetery and church building.  This building was built (possibly in the 1840s) on higher ground along with a new cemetery.  This is the reason that older graves are not found here. 

The original courthouse was built in 1809 - burned in 1853, rebuilt and again burned. This present day Warren Co. Courthouse was built in 1910. 
 American Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Warren County as of 1940. Several more men have been identified - including Joel Walker(1756-1800).
Below are the names of the men on the above plaque-
Samuel Alexander
      Elisha Allen
      Thomas Ansley
      James Acheson
      John Baker
      Henry Barksdale
      John Barksdale
      James Barrow
      Reuben Barrow
      Thadeus Beall
      James Beasley
      Richard Beasley
      Col. William Bird
      Jas. Bishop
      Capt. Henry Bonner
      James Brady
      Joseph Breed
      Joab Brooks
      John Brown
      Michael Burkhalter
      Henry Burnley
      Israel Burnley
      Thomas Bush 
      Samuel Camp
      John Carson
      James Carter
      Elphinston Cary
      William Cason
      Jacob Castleberry
      John Chapman
      Isaac Cook 
      Hezekiah Cocksey
      George Cooper
      James Cooper 
      Daniel Culpepper
      William Culpepper
      Cary Currie
      Jacob Darden
      Stephen Darden
      David Davis
      Nathan Davis
      James Dozier 
      James Draper
      Jeremiah Duckworth
      Gibson Flournoy
      Shadrach Flewellen
      Nathan Fowler 
      William Franklin
      Pryor Gardner
      Churchwell Gibson
      John Gibson 
      Peter Goodwin
      James Gray
      Aaron GrierNicholas Harbuck
      Thomas Hardin
      Henry Harp
      Zachariah Harrell
      Abraham Heath
      Joshua Hill
      Richard Hill
      Thomas Hill
      Capt. William Hill
      Ambrose Holladay
      Jacob Horne
      Mathew Hubert
      Ephriam Ivey
      Peeples Ivey
      John W. Jackson
      Arthur Jenkins
      Robert Jenkins
      William Johnson
      Abraham Johnson
      John Kelly
      William Kendall
      Thomas W. Kent 
      Archibald Lacy
      Blake Lasseter
      Richard Lee
      John Linn
      Jonathan Lockett
      David Lockett 
      Solomon Lockett
      Thomas Lockett, Sr.
      William Lowe
      Lieut. William Lucas
      John McCormick 
      Drury McCullers
      Reuben McGee
      John McLaughlin
      Joseph McMath
      John Mayes
      James May
      Lt. Col. Charles Medlock 
      Martin Mimms
      Abner Mitchell
      Samuel Moon 
      Mordecai Moore
      William Morrison
      Edward Murphy
      John Myrick, Sr.
      James Napier
      Capt. David Neal
      Samuel Neal
      Thomas Neal
      Capt. Thomas Neal 
      Benjamin Newsome      
      Solomon Newsome
      Wm. Nichols
      James Norris
      Benjamin Oliver
      Robert Palmer
      Johm Parish
      James Parker
      William Parker
      Joseph Peavy, Sr.
      Peter Perkins
      Henry Persons
      Josiah Persons
      William Pilcher
      Henry Pool
      Philip Pool
      Jesse Ricketson
      Elisha Roberts
      James Rogers
      Reuben Rogers
      James Roguemore
      William Rose
      Samuel Rutherford
      John Sallis
      Abram Sanders
      Jonas Shivers
      William Shurley, Sr.
      Seth Slocomb
      John C. Smith
      Nathaniel Smith
      Thomas Smith
      Joshua Stanford
      Alexander Stephens
      William Strother
      Charles Sturdibant
      Thomas Terry
      Alexander Thompson
      Moses Thompson
      John Torrance
      William Travis
      Capt. Joel Threewits
      John Trent
      Ezemia Verdon
      George Waggoner
      James Waggoner
      Benjamin Wheeler
      William White
      Richard Wiggins
      William Wilder
      David Wilson
      John Wilson
      Nathaniel Wootten
      John Wynne
      Robert Wynne
      James YoungErected by Burkhalter Chapter DAR 
      June 14, 1940 Mrs. J. A. Bray, Regent

Being able to view the signature of my American Revolutionary War Patriot - Jones Persons (1760-1850) is amazing! 
Be sure to take a break and grab some lunch across the street from the Warren Co. Courthouse - 
Miss Jane's Restaurant. 
The BEST of Southern prepared food.
 Miss Jane's Restaurant
Near by towns - 
Camak, Georgia
House is across the street from the Rail Road Station
 in Camak, Ga.

The stories some of these old homes could tell!
Norwood, Georgia outside of Warrington. 

Thank you Cousin Reba for the fun weekend in 
Warren Co., Georgia.
"Too Much Fun" discovering 
"The Rest of the Story!

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Suzan, Grandma Lind, my 1st Cousin - 1955
written by- Della Cumming - 1943
In each family there are those who have been chosen to find their ancestors and revive their memory.

To put flesh on their bones and
make them live again,
To tell the family story and to feel that 
somehow they know and approve.
To me, doing genealogy is not just the gathering of birth dates, marriage dates, listing their children and when they died; 
but instead,
Breathing life into all those who have gone before us.

The DAR Library

For like you, We too have lived, loved
and laughed."
Mother + Father Grave Site and Daughters/Sisters
In finding them, we somehow find ourselves.
How many times have I told my ancestors

what a wonderful family you made and you would be proud!

Grave of Rev. War Patriot Wendel Hinkle - 1757-1838

How many times, late at night as I work on gathering bits and pieces of my ancestor's life, do you look down on me and smile?
How many times have I walked up to a grave and felt like I really know you and miss you? 
The Persons Family Cemetery, Upson Co., Georgia, 2011
Grave site of Malinda Adaline Lyon Persons - 1825-1908
The Persons Family Cemetery, Upson Co., Georgia, 2011
Finding Lovett Persons' grave
It goes beyond just documenting facts.
It goes to who I am and why I do
the things I do!
It goes to seeing a cemetery about
to be lost forever
to weeds and indifference and
saying I can't let this happen.
The bones that lay here in this ground are bones of my bones and flesh of my flesh.
Persons Family Cemetery, Upson Co., Georgia
after clearing trees, weeds and vines - 2012
It goes to pride in what our ancestors were able to accomplish and the hardships they endured.
How they contributed to what we are today.
It goes to respecting their losses and never giving in or giving up.
Signature of Revolutionary War Patriot  George Lind in 1813

Signature of Revolutionary War Patriot Jones Persons in 1848
Their determination to build a life for their family.
They fought to create a Nation and to keep us free.
That we might be born who we are.
That we might remember them.
So we do.
DAR Library, Washington, DC

With love, care and writing each fact of their existence,
Because we are them and they are us.

So, as a scribe, I have been called to tell the story of my family.
Emery Harbin Family - 1892
Pleasantville, Sullivan Co., Indiana

It is up to that one person- which is ME-  in the next generation,

To answer the call and take our place in the long line of family storytellers.
To keep their memory alive for future generations.
This is why I do my family history!
The Little Family - 1898
Corryton, Knox Co., Tennessee

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The Records of the Church at Williams Creek, Georgia
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Warren County, Georgia

Format:  Books/Monographs/Book with Fiche

Publication:  Powder Springs, Georgia : Brantley Association of America, c1995
Physical:  xiii, 182 p. : ill., map.
Subject Class:

Reconstructed and indexed by the Brantley Association of America.
Includes name and slave index.
Also available on microfiche
View this catalog record in WorldCat for other possible copy locations

Information found on Family Search web site-

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We found the Persons Family Cemetery in July 2011, with the help of Grady, a local volunteer for THE THOMASTON-UPSON CO. ARCHIVES
(click on the Archive for their blog and information)
Grady on the left and my husband Danny on the right!
June 2015
We have returned 3 times to clean up the cemetery and look for graves and grave stones that have been documented to be in this cemetery.
The cemetery sits up on a bluff off of Yatesville Hwy. County Rd. 74 at
the Upson & Monroe Co. line. 
Since 2011, we have noticed that the cemetery wall is eroding and falling down the bluff to the road on the front side and it continues to have extensive damage by the county to the back wall when clearing the easement.

Front entrance as found July 2011
Front entrance after clean up April 2012 and right corner of wall,
facing the road.
Front entrance after clean up June 2015.
The right side has fallen down the embankment. 
Front right corner, facing the road, after the April 2012 clean up.
Front right corner, facing the road, June 2015
When standing in the middle of the cemetery, this right corner wall that faces the road appears the same.  With huge trucks rumbling down the road and all the rain we get; the embankment is eroding out from under the front of the stone wall. 
June 2015
It's almost impossible to enter through the front entrance of the stone wall. There is little ground left and you have to use a small tree to hang onto, to swing yourself through the door. The right stone wall of the entrance is splitting and the entire right side from the front entrance down, 
is sliding down the hill.
June 2015

Back of stone wall on the easement.
July 2011
Back stone wall along the easement, before the clean up.
July 2011
Back stone wall along the easement, before the clean up.
July 2011
Back stone wall.
June 2015
The back stone wall of the cemetery and the easement.
June 2015
Lovett Persons had the 20' x 30' cemetery built with a stone wall for his father Jones Persons after he died in 1850, being the first person buried in this location.  It sits on the corner edge of the Persons' 300 acres about 100 yards from the family house (shown below) that Jones built in 1840 and remained in the Persons family until Malinda Lyon Persons died in 1908.
To this date, Jones' home is lived in and well maintained. 

 #1. Jones Persons (1760-1850) fought with Col. Elijah Clarke's Regiment during the American Revolution and received two land grants in Georgia for his services.  Jones was the first person to be buried here - that I know of! 
I have NOT been able to find his stone.   
James Persons (1855-1856)
#2. We found the grave stone for James Persons (1855-1856),
baby of Lovett and Malinda Persons.
#3. Jones' wife Diana Neal Persons (1775-1859) would have been the next person to be buried here since her husband was the first to be buried here and her youngest son Lovett was the executor of her estate.
Lovett Persons (1814-1862)
#4. Lovett Persons (1814-1862) died early of an illness that lingered for two months. We found the top of his grave stone in the cemetery under several inches of soil. 
#5. Lovett's older brother William Pinkney Persons (1797-1874) lived next door to Lovett. The two had many land dealings and according to an enumeration of the cemetery in the late 60s, there was part of a pink head stone still in the cemetery at that time. He went by his middle name of "Pinky" on a document I found. His grave has not been found anywhere else. 
#6. Pinky's wife, Nancy B. Freeman Persons (1804-1877) would have been buried with her husband and her grave has not been found elsewhere.
Malinda Adaline Lyon Persons (1825-1908)
#7. Lovett's wife, Malinda Adaline Lyon Persons (1825-1908) head stone is located in the cemetery and is in fairly good condition. 
Head stones found in Persons Cemetery.
I feel that these are the "Persons" that are buried at this location.
There may be other children, but this number of people would have filled up the cemetery by the time Malinda Persons passed in 1908. 
If you or anyone you know, should have information about Pinkney or Nancy's burial
or earlier photos of this cemetery, 
please contact me and let me know.
Due to the cemetery wall falling/sliding down the hill to the road and the destruction of the back wall by the upkeep of the easement, I am checking into the possibility of moving this cemetery a mile down the road, to the New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Yatesville.
 Jones and Malinda were among the original founders of the church as well as Malinda's parents,
James and Rachel Harrell Lyon
and siblings are buried at the New Hope PB Church Cemetery.
The Lyon's are also buried in a stone and mortared wall like the Persons and probably built by the same people.  

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The State of Georgia has many historical landmarks and beautiful sites to explore. The links below are just a few of the numerous resources available online.

Another wonderful resource-

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