About 1754-August 1825
George Lind was born about 1754 in England, possibly Yorkshire. He came to the American Colonies on the ship "Diana" arriving Aug. 24, 1774 into Baltimore, Md. as an indentured servant for 4,5 & 6 years. It has him listed as "George Lind of London, carver & gilder, aged 20."
Emigrants from England to the American Colonies1773-1776. By Peter Wilson Coldham.  Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.  pg. 59 + 163.
Immigrants from England, Vol. 63, pg. 238, published in 1909.
George Lind arrived in Shenandoah County, Virginia in 1774 (from New Jersey, according to a statement he made when he was preparing to move to Ohio) and is listed in a 1785 census of the county with a family of four (himself and wife included). George owned land near present-day Lebanon Church, a few miles northwest of Strasburg in the northern end of the county. In the circuit court records of the 1790s and early 1800s George is mentioned frequently because he served as the county coroner.

information compiled by Daniel Bly purchased two adjoining tracts of land totally 285 acres on the drains of Mulberry Run in northern Shenandoah County in 1802 from Christian Neuschwanger. (Shenandoah County Deed Book M, p. 691). He sold this land to Daniel Funkhouser in September 1812 (Deed Book T, p. 187).
Military-Enlisted Feb. 1778 - Private for Capt. Benjamin Taliaferro's Col, 2nd Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. Christian Febige Paid per month - 6 2/3 Dollars
Amt. Of pay and subsistence - 2 2/3 Dollars
Muster Roll-
April 1778 - Pvt. For Capt. Alexander Rose's Co., 6th Va. Regiment, Col John Gibson
May 1778 - Valley Forge - 6th Virginia Reg't, commanded by Col. John Gibson
June 1778 - Brunswick - 6th Virginia Reg't, commanded by Col. John Gibson
July 1778 - White Plains - 6th Virginia Reg't, commanded by Col. John Gibson - Remarks: on Command
Aug. 1778 - White Plains - 6th Virginia Reg't, commanded by Col. John Gibson -Remarks: Brigade Artillery
Sept. 1778 - New Ark - 6th Virginia Reg't, commanded by Col. John Gibson - Remarks: Brigade Artillery
Oct. 1778 - Capt. Benjamin Taliaferro's Co., 2nd Virginia Reg't, commanded by Col. Christian Febiger
Nov. 1778 - Feb. 1779 - Capt. Benjamin Taliaferro's Co., 2nd Virginia Reg't, commanded by Col. Christian Febiger Feb. 17th, 1779 - Discharged from duty
The following document is a copy of a certificate inserted in the minutes of the Shenandoah County Court, 11 Aug. 1812:
"Ordered that it be certified unanimously by the Court that the bearer, George Lind, having stated to this Court that he is about to remove out of the County of Shenandoah and Commonwealth of Virginia to the State of Ohio for the purpose of making a more advantageous settlement for his family (which are numerous) and having made application to the Court for a certificate of his character and deportment during his residence therein. This Court do therefore order it be certified that the said George Lind has resided in the said County since the year 1774 during which time he has conducted himself as an honest, orderly and upright man and a worthwhile member of society. That he has filled several offices as well under the government of this Commonwealth as that of the United States and that he has discharged the duties of said offices with fidelity and integrity and as such we recommend to all honest men wherever it may lie his lot to settle."

Land Records-

About 1812 George, his wife and his younger children moved to western Ohio and settled in what became Warren County. From the records of Warren County, Ohio:6 June 1815, George Lind purchased 68 acres on Taylor's Fork from James Goodpasture. (Deed Book 5, p. 205).
Only a few weeks later, 22 July 1815, George Lind and wife, Mary, sold this land to William Sayre. (Deed Book 5, p. 259).1 May 1820, George Lind purchased 122 acres on the Miami River (Deed Book 9, p. 425).Sept. 1822- George Lind and John M. Lind (son) are granted land in Warren County, Ohio (Warren Co., Ohio Book 15, pg. 93).
Sept. 12, 1825- Amos Tullis and Thomas Ireland are appointed administrators of the estate of George Lind, deceased. Among accounting items with the first report is payment for doctor's visits, the last one dated 20 Aug. 1825. Final settlement of the estate was not made until Nov. 1845, after many delays. "George owned land near present-day Lebanon Church, a few miles north west of Strasburg in the northern end of the county." of Warren Co., Ohio.

1826 Estate- Son, Andrew Lind, for lawsuit against George's estate for unpaid debt.  1826- Proved Will in Ohio
compiled by Daniel Bly
Known Children of George and Mary Lind-
-Nancy Lind Mills 1778–
-George W. Lind 1779–1860
-ANDREW Lind 1782–1839
-Thomas Newell Lind 1790–1860
-Margaret Lind Eckman 1790–1834
-Elizabeth Lind 1791–1873
-Isaac Zachariah Lind 1792–1860
-Charles Taylor Lind 1793–1850
-Joseph Lind 1795–1852
-John Michael Lind 1801–1845
1782 - about 1839

Andrew Lind, son of George Lind, on Feb. 12, 1800, was appointed a Lt. in the Shenandoah Co. Militia and was apparently active in the militia some years after this. He married Rachael Bly, daughter of Jacob Bly, in Shenandoah County, Virginia, 17 Sept. 1804 (date of bond). Andrew probably lived on his father's land on Mulberry Run in what is now the present day Lebanon Church area of northern Shenandoah County. At the estate sale of John Newell, deceased, who lived on Mulberry Run, held, 1 Nov. 1804, newly married Andrew Lind purchased a bundle of flax, a set of cups and saucers, an earthenware dish, a gun and shot pouch, a colander, one bed and a sow. (Shenandoah County Will Book, H, p. 471).
About 1812, his father George Lind and most of his family moved to Warren Co., Ohio. Andrew appears in Shenandoah County personal property lists through 1815 and by 1820 is listed in the 1820 census of Warren County, Ohio (Hamilton Township).
By 1830 he was living in Miami Township, Hamilton County, Ohio and appears in various Hamilton County records and became a Township clerk for Miami Township in 1836 until 1838.
By 1839 he is listed as "deceased" in the estate records of his father, George Lind, who died in Warren County, Ohio in 1825.
In the 1840 census of Hamilton County, Ohio, Rachel Lind is listed as head of a family. She was deceased by 1846 when the estate of Andrew Lind of Hamilton County was probated. Unfortunately these records no longer exist- only the name and date on an index.
This information was obtained and written by Myrtle F. Harbin Lind and Daniel Bly.
1810 US Census-
Warren, Hamilton, Ohio

Andrew appears to be living with his father, George Lind at the time of the 1810 Census. This famly had -
1 male between 10-16 yrs.
3 males between 16-26 yrs.
1 male over 45
2 females under 10 yrs.
2 females between 16-26 yrs.
1 female over 45 yrs.
1820 United States Census-
Warren, Hamilton, Ohio pg. 445  
Andrew Lind
3 males - between 0-10 yrs.
2 males - between 10-16 yrs.
1 male - between 26-45 years (Andrew was 38 yrs.)
1 female - between 0-10 yrs.
1 female - between 10-16 yrs.
1 female - between 26-45 yrs. (Rachel was 38 yrs.)
1830 United States Census-
Miami Township, Hamilton Co., Ohio

Line #69- pg. 317-
1 male - between 10-15 yrs.
2 males - between 15-20 yrs.
1 male - between 20-30 yrs.
1 male - between 40-50 (Andrew Lind - 48 yrs.)
3 females - between 5-10 yrs.
1 female - between 10-15 yrs.
1 female - between 20-30 yrs.
1 female - between 40-50 yrs. (Rachel Lind - 48 yrs.)
(Since the 1820 & 1830 US Census only listed the "Head of Household"; the names of people are only a speculation of Andrew Lind and his wife Rachel Bly Lind.)
married Andrew Lind Sept. 17, 1804
in Shenandoah County, Virginia

Rachel Bly, the second child of Jacob and Catherine, was born in the Cedar Creek Valley in 1782, and married Andrew Lind in 1804. The Blys were on Cedar Creek on the western side of Little North Mountain and Linds were on Mulberry Run, a tributary of Cedar Creek, a few miles away on the east side of the mountain. In 1812 Andrew's father, George, and other members of the family moved to Warren County, Ohio and not long afterward Andrew and Rachel followed. They lived a few years in Warren County but by 1830 Andrew was in Miami Township in Hamilton County, Ohio. Hamilton is the next county south of Warren and lies in the extreme southwest corner of the state. Miami Township is the western most township in the county bordering Dearborn County, Indiana. In some ways Miami Township is more closely connected to Dearborn County because the Great Miami River, separates it from the rest of Hamilton County. Thus, some records of the Lind family can be found in Dearborn County, Indiana.
Andrew Lind is listed as a Miami Township clerk from 1836 to 1838. He apparently died in 1838 because he is referred to as "deceased" in 1839 in estate papers of his father.[1]Rachel is listed in the 1840 census of Hamilton County and apparently died in 1846.[2]
by Daniel Bly
Public records, Shenandoah County, Virginia, Warren and Hamilton Counties, Ohio.Rachel's birth record is found in Catherine Bly's Revolutionary War pension application (cited in Catherine's biographic profile. (Humble-438)

 Footnotes1 Warren County, Ohio Probate Records Box 34, file #8, Warren County Court House, Lebanon, Ohio.2 Minnesota Title Company Records 1846, Estate of Andrew Lind, Case #4518. This was an insurance company and the papers no longer exist, except for an index, which refers to this case.

Known Children of Andrew and Rachel Bly Lind-
-George Washington Lind, Sr. 1805–1864
-Andrew Richard Lind 1809–1883
-Dr. CHARLES THOMAS Lind 1811–1873

-Thomas Newell Lind 1813–1875

-Lucy Lind Strawderman 1815–1840
-Dr. William Henry Harrison Lind 1817–1893

-Mary Ann Lind Prather 1822–1861

Dr. Charles Thomas Lind
1811 - 1873

Family tradition has passed down the story that Dr. Charles Lind had been himself ill and had mixed his own Rx. After taking his own mixture he realized that he had used the wrong ingredients and only had time to proclaim that "I have just killed myself." Then he died.
Told by Lois Elaine Lind Persons
also told by David Bly
Myrtle F. Harbin Lind wrote a letter (1969) to her daughter Lois Elaine Lind that Myrtle found-
"verification of several things we thought, Dr. Charles Thomas Lind (1811-1873) did have a home in Pleasantville, Ind. This man, John L. Smith (1819-1867) made all the coffins for the community. It has one listed to C.T. Lind for $8.50 in 1867. That was the little boy that lived only a little while (5 days). Grandpa was born in Feb. 22, 1868 and his mother died in May 1870. Dr. C.T. Lind bought the Sandborn place after he married the second time. He died in 1873."
Charles Thomas Lind, born in Virginia on Dec. 15, 1811, grew to manhood in Ohio and married Nancy Agnes McBride, a native of Ireland on Nov. 20, 1842 in Ohio. He and his wife moved to Ballard Co., Ky where they lived for several years but about 1850 they moved to Knox Co., Indiana and settled on a small farm near Sandborn, not far from the Green Co., line. Charles Thomas Lind was a physician and during the Civil War served as an examining physician for the Union Army. He was also one of the few doctors in southwestern Indiana and became quite well-known but overworked. One story relates that he was so overworked when he himself became ill he accidentally took the wrong medicine and died as a result.
Charles and Nancy Lind were the parents of nine children and after the death of Nancy on May 20, 1870, he married Sarah Curran, but died shortly afterwards, on Sept 3, 1873.
Dr. C.T. Lind and his family were members of the Pleasantville Methodist Church at Pleasantville, Indiana and he is buried in the cemetery there.
Copied from hand written bio. by Myrtle F. Harbin Lind
Author is Daniel Bly. 

The Children of Dr. Charles Thomas Lind
and of Nancy Agnes McBride Lind (1827-1870)

L to R standing-
Margaret “Aunt Hellie” Lind (1861-1942),

Edward Bruce Lind (1868-1943),

Clara Belle Lind (1864-1952),

L to R sitting-
Adeline L. Lind (1847-1922),

Charles C. Lind (1849-1924),

Robert Emmett Lind (1852-1910),

Adrian James Lind (1855-1929),

photo taken in 1899

Edward Bruce Lind (1868-1943)
Mary Margaret “Meg” Jackson Lind
married in 1892 
Family photo of Edward Bruce Lind (1868-1943)
and his three living children taken 1920
L. to R
Charles Bruce Lind (1901-1986)
Mabel Frances Lind Cleveland (1894-1968)
Wilbur “Uncle Wig” Jefferson Lind, Sr.
Collection of Myrtle Harbin Lind

When EDWARD BRUCE Lind was born on February 22, 1868, in Sandborn, Indiana, his father, Dr. CHARLES THOMAS, was 56 and his mother, NANCY, was 40. In the 1880 US Federal Census, Edward was 12 years old and living with his older brother, Adrian James Lind and Adrian's wife "Lizzie" and baby daughter. Edward and Adrian's mother had died in 1870 and their father had died in 1873 when Edward was just 5 years old. He had three sons, one daughter, and one other child that was being delivered when  MARY MARGARET "MEG" Jackson Lind was giving birth. EDWARD BRUCE died on July 21, 1943, in his hometown, at the age of 75, and was buried in Greene County, Indiana.
Myrtle Harbin Lind wrote a note in her files that -                      
Edward Bruce Lind was telling his youngest grandaughter, Lois Elaine Lind when she was about 6 yrs. old (about 1937) that she was part Indian.  In fact he said, her Great-Great Grandmother was a quarter Indian.  She looked at him a little while and then she said, "Well, Grandpa, do you think I'd be a nickel's worth?"
Charles Bruce Lind (1901-1986)

and Myrtle Florence Harbin Lind (1902-1975)

Married and photo - 1923
Bruce and Myrtle Lind celebrate their 50th Anniversary- 1973

Myrtle F. Harbin Lind
Her 50th Anniversary Celebration

Over the years, I have been given papers and tid-bits of information about family-
from both sides of the family- even the in-laws.
Both sides of my family has been in America from early on  

and what a wonderful paper trail they have left. 
Fortunately, both Grandmothers took a lot of photos.  Such fun to explore the old photos and finding those who came before me!
Organization is vital!! 
In order to keep up with the family history that had been collected by Grandmom, I started with a folder for Mom's side
and a folder for Dad's side.

A couple of times a year - I now dig through my desk to sort my collection of historical information that I have found and downloaded!! 
Grandmom would love the computer!!
But the excitement you get when you go to a courthouse and find pages upon pages of documents with family information! 

Myrtle with her first car that her Dad gave her instead of land.

I thank Grandmom for inspiring me with her work, and time with letter writing,  visiting courthouses, typing up family history, and for passing this information as well as interest to my Mom,
who has passed the papers and interest on to me. What started by cleaning out a drawer has turned into my passion.

Myrtle F. Harbin


Visiting Family Cemeteries in Pleasantville, Indiana.
June 2010-

Sisters - Lois Elaine and Margaret Jane Lind

The Bethel Baptist Church is no long here, but the cemetery is well kept.

We found Grandmom Maggie and Granddad Ed Lind.

Our visit to Stafford Church Cemetery.

 We found two of Grandmom's sisters in Stafford Church Cemetery. 

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