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The Person coat-of-arms granted by Queen Elizabeth I - about 1588
All of the early history and genealogy information posted on this site, beginning about 1630 and goes through the mid to late 1800s, comes from my book,  PERSON(S) LINEAGE - compiled by George Fuller Walker. 
Copyright, 1851, by George Fuller Walker. 
Printed in the USA, By The Conger Printing company,
Atlanta, Georgia.  
The Person coat-of-arms granted by Queen Elizabeth I shortly after the defeat of the Spanish Armada. 
Arms:  Argent two chevrons sable on a canton of the second an eagle displayed of the first.
Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or: ostrich's head and neck sable between two feathers argent.
John Person, was born about 1630, sailed from England to Virginia as early as 1648 and settled in Isle of Wight County. This was the year before the beheading of Charles I, and it was not possible for a colonist to be indifferent to the struggle in England.

John Person's plantation was on the Blackwater River, and he was probably a neighbor of William and Mary Cook, whose daughter Frances he married about the year 1658. John and Frances Cook Person were the parents of only one child, John Person, Jr., who was born about 1660, the year when the monarchy was restored in England.

For having paid the passage of twenty-two persons from England to the Virginia colony, William Cook, Sr., received (jointly with William miles) a patent (Virginia Land Office Patents (hereafter cited as Virginia Land Patents), Book 5, pg. 460), of 1,100 acres of land "on the second branch of the Blackwater River at the upper conrner of John Oliver's land and running down to Mr. England's." The patent was granted on Sept. 29, 1664, during the reigh of Charles II.

On April 10, 1665, a part of this land was presented through a deed of gift by William and Mary Cook (jointly with William Miles) to John Person, Jr., at that time about five years old. The stipulation was made that the property was to remain in the possession of John Person, Jr.'s parents, John Person the elder and his wife Frances, "until ye said John Person their sonne be of full age." The land was on the Blackwater River adjoining that of John Oliver."

John left a will in Isle of Wight County dated Oct. 2, 1707 (Isle of Wight County, Virginia, Will and DeedBook 2, pg. 662). The surname within the body of the will is spelled with the final -s, while the document is signed without the -s, an example of the fact that the name at that time was spelled indefferently with and without the -s).

The only devisees were those mentioned in the following paragraph: "I give and bequeath my whole estate real and personal to be equally divided between my loving wife Frances and my only son John." John Person's widow, Frances Cook(e) Person, continued to live on the plantation in Isle of Wight until her death about 1721. Reference is made to this fact in the will of her son, John Person of Surry County (Will and Deed Book 1738-1754, pg. 51).

Persons Lineage, compiled by George Fuller Walker. Copyright, 1951. By The Conger Printing Company, Atlanta, Georgia. pgs. 2-4.
John Person Jr., son of John and Frances Cook Person, was born in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia about the year 1660. He was a Vestryman and Land Proprietor of Virginia. Over a period of years, John Person received seven land patents from the British Crown. The first (Virginia Land Patents, Book 7, pg. 374) was granted on April 20, 1684, during the reign of charles II and was signed by Francis, Lord Howard, Governor. It was for 290 acres of land in the lower part of surry Co., on the head of blackwater Branch, adjoining the land of T. Land, R. Ruffin, Mr. Binford and R. Bennett, and was granted to him for having paid the passage of six persons from England to virginia. The fact that the patent refers to him as "Jr.." precludes the possibility of its referring to his father, who was still living.

The second patent (Virginia Land Patents, Book 7, pg. 376) bears the same date as the first, was for 740 acres on the southwest side of the Johnchehaucon Swamp in surry County at the mouth of the Great Branch in or near Mr. Owen's line and was grated to him for having paid the passage of fifteen persons. He is also called "Jr." in this patent.

The third patent (Virginia Lands Patents, Book 10, pg. 343), was granted on Dec. 17, 1717, by King George I "to John Persons of Surry County for services performed towards making the new settlement for the Sapponi Indians at Christanna," and was for 76 acres on the norht side of the Meherrin River in Isle of Wight County, "being part of a tract whereon said Indians lately dwelt."

The fourth patent (Virginia Lands Patents, Book 11, pg. 168), granted on Feb. 18, 1722, by King George I for 130 acres in Isle of Wight County on the south side of the Meherrin River.

The fifth patent (Virginia Lands Patents, Book 11, pg. 172), bears the same date as the fourth, and was for 100 acres on the south side of the Meherrin River and on the north side of Fountain's Creek in Isle of Wight County.

The sixth patent (Virginia Lands Patents, Book 15, pg. 441), was granted by King George II on Feb. 27, 1734, and was for 330 acres on the south side of the Meherrin River on Fountain's Creek in Brunswick County (Brunswick Co., was formd from Prince George, Isle of Wight and Surry).

The seventh patent (Virginia Lands Patents, Book 17, pg. 111), was granted by King George II on June 5, 1736, for 1375 acres in Surry County on the north side of the Blackwater Swamp and on Johnchehaucon Swamp adjoining the land of R. Wiggins, B. Rix, J. Justice, W. Cooper, T. Washington, E. Scarborough and R. Proctor.

English records show that the ancestors of John Person were members of the Church of England and Virginia records show that he himself was a Vestryman (a member of his local church, not a member of the clergy. In England especially, Parish Councils have long been a level of local government) in the same church, and later records show that his children belonged to this church; yet the Quarker Records give the folllowing record of his marriage: "John Person, son of John Person of Isle of Wight County, and Mary Partridge, daughter of Thomas Partridge of Surry County. 10 day of 1st mo. 1692" (The first month in 1692 refers to March rather than January). 

John Person was a vestryman in Isle of Wight County, and his name is listed among those for the Old Brick church. It appears that he held this office between 1724 and 1738.

The will of John Person, dated Aug. 8, 1721, was proved March 21, 1738 (Surry County, Will and Deed Book, 1738-1754, pg. 51). His second wife, Sarah, made a renunciation of her husband's will on Sept. 20, 1738 (Surry County, Deed Book 1730-1738, vol. 8, Part II, pg. 902).

John and Mary Partridge Person's children-
1. John Person III - 1693-
2. Thomas Person -  died about 1754
3. Francis Person - 1697 - 1758
4. Joseph Person
5. William Person - 1700-
6. Benjamin Person
7. Samuel Person- 1704 -1754
8. Jacob Person
9. Mary Person Glover
10. Elizabeth Person Tuke
Persons Lineage, compiled by George Fuller Walker. Copyright, 1951. By The Conger Printing Company, Atlanta, Georgia. pgs. 5-7.
Francis Person(s)
Francis Person was born about 1697 in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia and was probably named for his grandmother, Frances Cook Person. Under the terms of his father's will, he received certain slaves, stock, household goods, and "ye plantation in Isle of Wight Co. whereon my mother now lives with the land thereunto belonging" (Surry Co., Virginia, Will and Deed book, 1738-1754, pg. 51). Francis' father, John Person, distributed numerous plantations in his will, and the fact that he gave this particular plantation to his son Francis might indicate that Francis was more closely associated with his grandmother (whose name he fore) than were any of the other children. This plantation was the one deeded to John Person II, when he was about five years old, by William and mary Cook. William Cook had originally received it as a part of a royal patent in 1664.

Francis Person had land in both Surry (where his father died) and in Isle of Wight (where his granparents died), and seems to have been closely identified with both countries.

On May 1, 1750, Francis Person of Surry Co., Virginia, purchased from James Saintsing of Granville County, Nrth Carolina, land on the north side of Fishing Creek (Granville Co, NC, Ded Book A, pg. 516). The land was in that part of Granville Co., which in 1764 became Bute. When Bute was abolished in 1779, and Franklin and Warren Counties were formed from it, this property was in Warren near the dividing line of the two counties. The deed was witnessed by William Person and Joseph Person.

The children of Francis Person were the principal heirs of his brother, Samuel Person, who died in 1754 (Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, Will Book 6, pg. 123). Ten of his twelve children were devisees in the latter's will. these were Samuel, Jesse, Joseph, Mary, Henry, William, James, Jacob, John, and Sarah and with the exception of Sarah, all are identified in the will as children of Francis.
The inventory and appraisement of the estate of Francis Person were made on Feb. 18, 1758 in Surry Co., Virginia, by Richard Gray, Robert Hunnicutt, and James Cark (Will Book, 1754-1768, pgs. 125-127).

Francis Person was survived by his widow, Mary Turner Person, who spent her last years in North Carolina. Her will, dated May 20, 1761, was proved Aug. 11, 1761, in Granvlle Co., North Carolina. 

Francis and Mary Turner(?) Person's children-

1. Samuel Person - 1721 - 1762 
2. Joseph Person(s) - 1723 - 1772
3. Henry Person -  ? - 1765
4. James Person - ? - 1765
5. John Person(s) - 1730 - 1786
6. Jacob Person
7. William Peson(s) - 1736 - 1816
8. Sarah Person
9. Mary Person
10. Lucy Person
11. Martha Person
12. Jesse Person(s) - 1747 - 1806 
Persons Lineage, compiled by George Fuller Walker. Copyright, 1951. By The Conger Printing Company, Atlanta, Georgia. pgs. 21-22.
John Person(s)
John Person was born in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He removed to North Carolina, and was living as early as 1752 in the area between Sandy Creek and Fishing Creek in that part of Granville Co., which in 1764 became Bute Co. He made three purchases of land in this area before Bute Co. was formed. The property was in the same vicinity as that purchased by his father, Francis Person in 1750.

The French and Indian War, with which it is usually associated, began in the American Colonies in 1754. John Person, along with his brother, Joseph Person, served in the Colonial Militia of North Carolina. He was a member of Capt. Daniel Harris's Company, Granville Co., Regiment under the command of Col. William Person his uncle and Maj. James Paine. His name appears on a muster roll of the regiment taken Oct. 8, 1754.

John owned lands in both Franklin and Warren Counties and the records show clearly that these were north of Sandy Creek near the dividing line of the two counties.

John and Prudence Jones Person's children -
1. Francis Persons - 1758 - 1815
2. Jones Persons - 1760 - bef. 1850
3. Josiah Person - 1762 - 1806
4. Holly Berry Persons Walker - 1765 - 1846
5. Turner Persons - 1766 - 1827
6. Obedience Persons Bass - 1767 - 1827
7. Anderson Blevens Person
8. James Person - 1770 -
9. Amos Persons - 1771 - 1815 
Persons Linage. George Fuller Walker, copyright 1951. By The Conger Printing Company, Atlanta, Georgia. pgs. 33-35.

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