Sunday, March 3, 2013


Looking inside the Persons Family Cemetery -
summer 2011

Standing inside the Persons Family Cemetery-
summer 2011

After the clean up in April 2012

When digging your "roots," there comes a time that you have to go to the place of your family. We made two visits prior to this weekend to: locate the cemetery, check out the records at the local historical archives, clean up the cemetery, and now dig in the cemetery. Because of the research, I know who the cemetery was built for and names of the family members that were laid here.
Sadly, there is only one complete headstone left. The others have been broken, moved or taken.

Grady is a local historian who uses a long metal rod to find headstones that have fallen and are hidden under decades of leaves and dirt. He found Lovett Persons (1814-1862) flat stone this way.
Feb. 2013
Claude came out with his divining rods to help locate
the burial spot for Jones Persons (1760-1849).
I found a written notice which says that Lovett Persons (Jones' youngest son) paid to have this rocked wall built around his Father's grave.

We found a stone at this spot, but the stone was flat with no writing.The divining rods led us to several possible places, soft spots in the ground, but - no stone markers to let us know who was laid here.
summer 2011

The highlight for the day was finding the other half to this broken head stone. I thought it was for a child, but there were no records, family bible or census listing a name or family member.
James Persons - Nov. 13, 1855- Feb. 20, 1856
upper half - found Feb. 2013

The inscription on James headstone-
Child of Lovett & M.A. Persons
Sleep, Loved one! In thy Lonely bed,
Beneath the green turf, damp and chill;
For "blessed are the dead."
Whisper sweet voices, soft and still.
Feb. 2013
We found all the missing slabs for 
Lovett's flat stone and pieced it together.
Now if someone visits the Persons Family Cemetery; they will find Malinda A. Lyon, Lovett and Sweet Baby James.
Feb. 2013
Thank you Danny, Claude and Grady for all your help on this very cold day!! Also, great appreciation goes out to the Thomaston Upson Co. Archives
for the records that are available for anyone who has the desire and time to do your family research.
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